Shanna Henry

For Kansas Senate District 34

Including all of Reno County and the Kingman County cities of Cunningham, Kingman and Penalosa, and Kingman townships of Dale, Dresden, Eureka, Evan, Galesburg, Hoosier, Ninnescah, Rural, Union, Vinita and White


Shanna Henry is from a fourth‑generation McPherson County farm family where she learned the value of hard work at an early age.  She and her husband, Tim, raised their two children at their home of 25 years in Kingman County.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and enjoyed a successful career in the telecommunications and solar energy industries.

Shanna has served on the Kingman County Extension Executive Board, and on the Kingman County Economic Development Council.

As a mom,  Shanna became a “full-time volunteer” in leadership roles at local schools, PTAs, and 4-H clubs. She is a choir member at St. Rose Catholic Church.

She is now ready to serve the constituents of Senate District 34, continuing her lifetime of public service.

My Kansas Values

I care.

Because there are so many less fortunate than me.

Because there are so many Kansans that don’t earn a living wage, no matter how hard they try.

Because there are 150,000+ Kansans that don’t have access to any health insurance because our Kansas legislature has not been able to pass Medicaid Expansion.

Because I want current and future generations of Kansas students to have the benefits of a well funded, quality public education.

Because I understand that quality education not only improves children’s daily lives, but also produces stronger communities and benefits economic development.

Because coming from a 4th generation farm family, I am concerned about the ability of farm families to maintain a living and good mental health in times of a sustained agricultural crisis.

Because now more than ever, we need high speed rural broadband, especially if we will be educating our children and conducting business and telemedicine virtually.

Because I’m worried about what we will leave to our children and grandchildren in the form of a healthy planet.

Because I strongly believe in clean, renewable energy sources to prevent a further deterioration of our planet earth due to global warming and climate change.

Because I believe that civil rights are human rights for all Kansans and all Americans, we can no longer discriminate against any segment of society.  This is why I believe that Black Lives Matter and after four centuries of racial discrimination resulting from our country’s “Original Sin” of slavery and revisionist history, it is time to address systemic racial inequality.

Because just when we were starting to recover from Gov. Brownback’s failed tax experiment, we get hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, compounding existing problems at every level of life; physically, emotionally, socially, and economically.

I care.

Why I’m Running

This is no longer the healthy, vibrant Kansas economy and social structure that I benefited from when I was growing up on a McPherson county farm. 

There are too many Kansans falling through the cracks after falling on hard times. 

There are too many Kansans working at far less than a living wage with no health insurance, just barely scraping by – from paycheck to paycheck or from one cash job to another. 

I am running because I believe that state government services through programs like unemployment compensation, WIC, and Medicaid expansion would aid in getting these people back on their feet so they can once again become productive members of our state and contribute to a healthy Kansas economy.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Polls open in Reno and Kingman Counties at 7am on November 3, 2020, and close at 7pm.  If you’re in line before 7pm, you will be allowed to vote!